Saturday, June 25, 2011

From Refugee Camps to a Brighter Future - Q&A with Grads.

PBBC warmly and proudly congratulate our first Karen High School graduates of 2011: Saw Eh Klay Klay, Naw Ka Mwee Paw, Saw Eh Soe Soe, Saw Aye Min Thu, and Saw Min Oo. These young people came from refugee camps without any knowledge of the US Education system, and limited use of the English language. It has been a great challenge for them to pursue education in US schools    where conditions are absolutely different socially and culturally from what they have experienced in camps. Especially, student-teacher and student- student relationship are just the opposite. The fast pace of life in the US proved to be a great shock for them to keep up with. However, with the help of teachers and support of family members, community, and church, they could not only adjust but also prevail over these hardships and succeed with flying colors. These young high school graduates are the first among those who arrived in Philadelphia in the year 2007.

PBBC caught up with them just after their graduation ceremony and interviewed them. Below are their interviews with PBBC.