Monday, February 16, 2009

Visit to NJ, Sunday Service and Program Committee meeting

PBBC regular Sunday service was held as usual at 3 pm on February 15th. Before that, Pastor San No Thuan and some members of PBBC went to Audubon, NJ to have a thanskgiving service at the residence of Pa Lian and Khu Ter. After the service members and hosts had fellowship. The hosts prepared various dishes for the guests and PBBC members also brought some food.

The hosts, young couple, were happy to have members of PBBC at their house for a worship service like this as they are far from a church and congregation that speak their language.

PBBC members left NJ at around 1:30pm for Sunday regular service at the Church. After the service the program committee had a meeting to draw up programs for the month of March 2009. The meeting came to a successful conclusion around 5 pm.