Monday, February 23, 2009

Saw James Htay's First Birthday

The sky was overcast with slight drizzle and a steady wind made the day chilly but inside the small apartment on Jackson Street in South Philadelphia, on the morning of Sunday February 22nd 2009. where family and friends gathered to celebrate the first birthday of Saw James Htay (Saw Yah Ko), it was filled with warmth from friendship and love.

In fact, for the family of Saw Kyaw Htay and Naw Moo Ko Paw, celebrating the birthday of their child, with thanksgiving service and a birthday cake, was the first time ever even though they have two other older daughters, 13 and 10, who were unfortunate at their time not to have birthdays celebrated because the family was too poor when they were in the refugee camp. Moreover, James being the first boy in the family, the two elder sisters were elated with joy to have their brother’s first birthday celebrated with friends and elders of the Church. It was a pleasant sight to see the family, who never had the taste of freedom, hosting friends in celebration of the birthday of their first son born in the US.

Our God is an awesome God. We should praise His Holy Name for bringing families like Saw Kyaw Htay and Naw Moo Ko Paw to the land of freedom, like the US.