Monday, March 2, 2009

PBBC On March 1st.

The First Day of March and the Activities of PBBC

The weekly Women Service of PBBC was held today at the residence of Saw Beston Min and Naw Paw Eh at 1:00 p.m. Thramu Heh Nay Moo gave a message about God taking care of us no matter what the situation is.

After the prayer meeting, all who attended proceeded to St. John Baptist Church for the 3 p.m. worship service. Today’s worship program was to be led by our brothers and sisters from Trenton but due to unforeseen circumstances they regretfully informed us about their inability to undertake it. Therefore, the Women Group took on the task at the last moment.

Thramu San San Tin led the meditation urging us as believers to be on the alert for false prophets lest we mistook them for the real ones and follow them. We also have to beware of the signs of times. If not, we would lose the chance to be with Christ when He comes for us at His second coming.

It was also encouraging to hear Naw Mu Lwai Htoo giving testimony about God’s abundant blessings in her life in front of the congregation for the first time since she is a lady of very few words. Back in Burma, she had never participated in any worship programs. Congratulations to her for having the courage to set good example for us.

We are grateful to all participants in the worship program. May the Lord bless each and every one of them.We are also grateful to our brothers and sisters of the Lutheran Ministry for donating loaves of bread and other foodstuffs that are distributed after the service