Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers' Day Held at PBBC

As in the US, where Mothers’ Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, churches in Burma also celebrate it on the same day. The Philadelphia Burmese Baptist Church as a Burmese speaking Church in the US also celebrated Mothers’ Day on May 10th which falls on the second Sunday in May.

To honor mothers young and old, lay men members of the Church led the service with message given by Saw Noah, testimony in tribute of his mother by Saw Beston Min, and songs sung by young members honoring the mothers.

While Saw Eh Klay Klay was singing mothers attending the service were presented with gifts, and mothers over 60 years old were specially recognized. Saw Min Oo expressed his thanks to his mother with a very emotional song. Exceptionally touching was a song by our young Sunday school girl Hsaw Hsu Klay.

On behalf of the mothers, one of our patrons Daw Mie Mie Chit said a word of thanks and gave some advice to the young people.

After the service, as usual on special Sundays, there was potluck dinner with curries cooked by fathers, and fruit and ice cream desserts prepared by the young men. It must have been so delicious that everything was polished clean.