Thursday, May 21, 2009

PBBC Youth & Kids to DC

lThe weekend of May 16th/17th was an enjoyable one for the youth of Philadelphia Burmese Baptist Church. They left Philadelphia early on the morning of Saturday May 16 and touched in at Virginia Beach where they had their morning snacks and went sightseeing. It was a pleasant morning and all of them enjoyed the outdoor country surroundings and the ocean breeze.

From there they continued to Washington DC. In the evening they participated in the Food Fair event of Calvary Burmese Church selling sticky rice in packets and bamboos. All proceeds were donated to the host church since it was solely a trip to promote friendship and fellowship with members of that church. They spent the night at the residence of Saw Kapi and Naw Show Ei Tun, all twenty or so of them. It was really a fun night all of them sleeping under the same roof.

On Sunday 17th morning, they went sightseeing in Washington DC, visiting Lincoln Memorial, Independence Monument and the vicinity of the White House. It was an exciting experience for them to visit and see all the historical and world famous sights in person. Later in the afternoon, they were joined by some of the elders of Philadelphia Burmese Baptist Church in the service at Calvary Burmese Church. PBBC youth led the service with testimonies given by San San Tin and Beston Min, special songs by Ka Mwee Paw and the Sunday School children. Choir in Karen and Burmese were also rendered by PBBC. The message was given by Chan Nyein Aung. The scripture text was taken from the book of 1 Kings:24, and the topic was on the choices made by Prophet Elijah and the widow of Zarephath, and their obedience. Elijah when asked by God to go to Zarephath made the right choice by obeying God and thus saved from starving. The widow also chose to obey Elijah when he told her to make him a cake with the little flour left. By doing so she and her household had food for many days. Like them we as Christians when faced with hardship and problems, we should choose to follow the bidding of God in order to live a fulfilled life.

The service program included a special message from Saya Saw Si Hai of Vision Trust (Burma Chapter) whose headquarters is in Colorado Springs, CO. USA. He spoke about the cyclone Nargis victims, especially children, in Burma and how we can help them. He also emphasized on how we should nurture the children so that they become good leaders in the future.

The service was closed with benediction pronounced by Rev. Marang Yaw.

Everyone who attended the service, hosts as well as guests, went home happy and spiritually refreshed after an enjoyable fellowship.